Pet Insurance: Protect Your Pet

Why insure your pet?

In the current uncertain times an unexpected veterinary bill is an expense many pet owners can ill afford, but it is a reality all pet owners face. So what happens in an emergency? This is when it is so important to have pet insurance in place. Insurance provides financial support for unexpected accidents or illness. We regularly see how un-budgeted veterinary fees can impact on the choices made by owners, either delaying them seeking veterinary assistance or when it comes to treating or euthanising their pets. Early diagnosis and treatment plans can save your pets life. We strive to contribute to an extended lifespan of our patients, resulting in happy and healthy family members.

The benefits of insurance

For us as veterinarians it is very clear is why insurance is important. Pet insurance cover can allow our veterinarians to work up and treat cases, offer more treatment options and it reduces the huge burden placed on us when owners cannot afford to treat their pets and euthanasia is the only option or worse still, the pet is left to suffer.

What is covered by insurance?

Pet insurance at a minimum, covers accidental injury and illness and if you have more than one pet, multiple pet discounts often apply. Cover may also include personal liability and emergency boarding in kennels. Depending on the policy routine procedures like vaccinations and dentistry may be covered, and some insurers contribute towards euthanasia and crematorium fees.

Important considerations

Pre-existing conditions may be excluded from policies, so it is always advisable to take out insurance when your pets are young, or when you have taken ownership. Most pet insurance companies require payment to be made in full to your vet and will reimburse you once your claim has been submitted. Shop around, make sure you make an informed choice on insurance. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Microchipping is often a prerequisite for insurance. It allows for permanent identification of your pet and increases the odds of you finding your pet should it get lost. A microchip, the size of a grain of rice, contains a serial number unique to your pet, with your contact details. A handheld scanner reads the chip and displays your pets’ bar code number which corresponds to details on secure database.

How we can assist:

We are currently offering microchipping for R150. Our aim is microchip as many pets as possible this year, to aid with insurance and to help reduce the heartbreak for owners of lost, injured, or sick pets.

During this unsettled period of COVID-19 it is important not to neglect preventative health care, skimping on this can have a serious knock on effect. Do not miss vaccinations. Missed vaccinations are contributing to a rise in the number of parvo virus cases and an increased risk to other viruses such as rabies. Tick and flea treatment are critical to avoid diseases like biliary and ehrlichia. Due to Durbans’ warm climate these parasites do not go away, not even in winter.

We place a high value on preventive health care and are offering both vaccination and spay clinics at a reduced fee to assist our clients.

Contact us to find out more. One of our staff members will be happy to provide you with advice on insurance and our current offers. Contact us on 031 765 3221

Here are a couple insurance providers:

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