Perfectly Pawsome Puppies

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

How to ensure your puppy is healthy, safe, socialised and Perfectly Pawesome.

Never Hesitate to Vaccinate

Vaccination against potentially deadly but preventable diseases is essential.

What should your puppy be vaccinated against?

5 - in - 1 Vaccination

#1 Canine Parvovirus

#2 Distemper

#3 Canine Hepatitis (Adenovirus Type 1)

#4 Respiratory Disease (Adenovirus Type 2)

#5 Canine Parainfluenza Virus


When should your puppy be vaccinated?

Your puppy’s vaccination protocol is spread over several months and may vary depending on your puppy’s health, breed or earlier circumstances.

6 Weeks:

Distemper and Canine Parvovirus Vaccination

8/9 Weeks:

1st 5 - in - 1 Vaccination

11/12 Weeks:

2nd 5 - in - 1 Vaccination

1st Rabies Vaccination although this may be done earlier due to the current rabies outbreak

16 Weeks

3rd 5 - in - 1 Vaccination advised for certain breeds

2nd Rabies Vaccination


5 - in – 1 Vaccination

Rabies – NB this a legal requirement in South Africa.

This is also good opportunity for your vet to give your pet an overall health inspection.

Puppy Parasite Protection


It is essential and easy to protect your puppy from parasites.

We recommend your puppy be dewormed at each puppy vaccination visit and every 3 months thereafter. If your puppy has picked up a lot of worms, your vet may recommend additional worming.

We do not recommend you use supermarket bought worming products as these do not protect your pup against tapeworm. Our vets or receptionists can advise on the most suitable product for your puppy.

Spirocerca Lupi

This is a deadly parasite and detection is difficult, by the time your puppy is showing symptoms of infection - it is unfortunately too late.

Please seek advice from our vets or receptionists for which products are best for the prevention of this sinister parasite. It is easy to safeguard your puppy from contracting it.

Ticks and Fleas

Ticks cause serious diseases, such as biliary and ehrlichiosis. Fleas cause skin irritation, spread tapeworm and can lead to anaemia if your puppy has a high infestation. It is essential to protect your puppy from these parasites.

We recommend and stock a variety of registered products, with proven efficacy, both topical and oral, that will meet your puppy’s specific needs.

Safeguard from the Stress of Straying


With a microchip your puppy will never be lost. A collar and name tag can be lost or intentionally removed but an implanted microchip is there to stay. It serves as a permanent identification of your pup, and is identifiable by any vet practice, SPCA or shelter. No bigger than a grain of rice, the chip is inserted under your pups’ skin and can be easily undertaken at one of your pups’ vaccination visits. It is vital, that you as a pup parent, ensure your contact details are always up to date. Your details can be updated via an App on your phone.

Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital currently has a special on Microchipping for R150

You are what you eat!

Feeding your Pup

A high quality diet is essential to promote overall health and wellbeing of all puppies and especially important for larger breeds whose calcium and energy needs require careful monitoring to aid with normal bone development.

Promote dental hygiene with healthy chews and get your pup used to having its mouth gently handled by introducing them to tooth brushing - ensure you always use a veterinary pet toothpaste.

Avoid meat only diets as they may not provide sufficient essential vitamins and minerals. Avoid feeding raw or cooked bones, to any dog, regardless of size. Your pup is far removed from a wolf and bones can fracture teeth and become wedged in their mouth. Fragments can become lodged in their intestines, creating blockages, perforations of their gut and constipation. All require surgical removal.

We offer scientifically formulated and highly recommended pet feeds that cover a range of dietary needs in delicious flavours. Chat to our receptionists who will advise on the best option for your pups’ requirements.

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Prevent your pup from being a Party Pooper

Socialisation and Puppy Training

Socialisation and puppy training is a great way to introduce your pup to other pups. Our clinic is proud to offer puppy socialisation classes run by Hillcrest Veterinary Hospitals, Colleen and sponsored by Hills. They are great fun for your pup, and for you as a pup parent. There is plenty of opportunity to discuss pup behaviour and obedience. Ask one of our receptionists for details.

To Snip or not to Snip?


Sterilisation can be an essential procedure for your pet for several reasons, but mainly because you don’t want unwanted puppies, with no homes to go to, this is unfair and preventable.