Let the Fur Fun Begin with Dog Sports

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Being active is great for, human and doggy, bodies and brains. Exercising with your pet, be it taking them for a walk or for a jog is a great way to stay in shape, but have you tried DOGSPORTS?

Dogsports are woofloads of fun. They offer heaps of mental stimulation, physical exercise and can be very social events - for humans. Some are team games, others not, but none require your dog to be of a certain breed. All shapes and sizes are welcome and just like us, some breeds are more suited to some sports than others.

There are a few hidden benefits as well - apart from keeping you fit - communication between you and your furry buddy will be enhanced - you may even find that you and your dog develop your own secret language! The upside? Your dog will pay closer attention to you, even when not playing sport. Is your four legged friend lacking confidence? Dogsports have been known to transform even the most timid into confident canines . Overall, dogsports burn off excess energy and result in a happy, healthy dog. And best of all? You will have a deeper relationship with your furry best friend.

Our top three fun dogs sports are:


Tons of high energy fun for pooches that love a game of ball

How it works:

Any breed can take part. It’s a dog relay with four on a team. Dogs race in a straight line over four jumps to a ball box. The ball box releases a flying ball when your dog presses the box with their front paws, the dog must catch the ball and race back over the four jumps and as they cross the finish line, the next dog is off. It's fast, furious and hilarious. If your dog loves playing catch the ball and your dog has mastered the basics commands of sit, stay and heel, then you are ready for Flyball! All you need to do is sign up for training with your local Flyball club and you are off!!


For fur buddies with a feeling for fancy footwork

How it Works

All breeds welcome. It's an individual challenge over an obstacle course that may include jumps, weave poles, tunnels, see -saws, tyre jumps and pause tables! Pause tables? A pause table is where your dog jumps up onto a table and stops for a set amount of time before leaping off to complete the rest of the course. The jumps can consist of singles, even doubles and triples in a row but are always set with enough distance for your dog to find a stride in between. The course has a time limit and penalties are incurred for exceeding the limit. Penalties are for any mistakes on the course such as knocking off poles over the jumps or missing out poles in the weave challenge. The fastest lowest penalty round wins! If your fur bud loves to jump, and has a grasp of the basic commands, then seek out your local agility club and let the games begin! (Very good for your own fitness too, as you are required to race about the course directing your pooch to the next obstacle)


For fur balls with a love of leaping

How it works:

All breeds can have a go at jumping. It’s Like equestrian show jumping but with added barking and flying tails. Your fur ball will be required to leap round a set of show jumps, which may include, walls, spreads, doubles and planks. Jumps are usually higher than agility and your pooch will go through to a jump off to decide on the winner. So, if your fur friend has great jumping skills this may be their niche! Another sport that will up your own fitness levels as you run about the course directing your doggo to the medals.

You never know unless you try, give dogsports a go - you may have the next superhero dogsport champion right under your nose. Woof!!

For more information you could follow or contact these links:

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