Kittens & Cool Cats

How to keep your kitten healthy and safe and grow up to be a real cool cat!

Never Hesitate to Vaccinate

Vaccination against potentially deadly but preventable diseases is essential.

What should your kitten be vaccinated against?

3 - in - 1 Vaccination:

#1 Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus

#2 Calici Virus

#3 Panleukopenia Virus


When should your Kitten be vaccinated?

Your kitten’s vaccination protocol is spread over several months and may vary depending on your kitten’s health or earlier circumstances.

8 Weeks:

3 – in 1 Vaccination

12 Weeks:

3 – in 1 Vaccination

1st Rabies Vaccination

16 Weeks:

3 – in 1 Vaccination

2nd Rabies Vaccination


3 - in – 1 Vaccination

Rabies – NB this a legal requirement in South Africa.

This is also good opportunity for your vet to give your pet an overall health inspection.

Additional Vaccines

Feline Leukaemia Virus is a non - curable disease and causes anaemia or lymphoma, which suppresses the immune system, predisposing your cat to deadly infections. Exposure to the virus is not a death sentence and infected cats can live a normal life and often go undiagnosed until an illness causes them to be tested. Vaccination against this disease is not part of the core vaccination programme but is reccomended. A simple in - house blood test will determine if your cat has been exposed, and we advise testing prior to vaccination. Feline leukaemia cannot be transmitted to humans, dogs, or other animals.

Kitten Parasite Protection


It is essential and easy to protect your kitten from parasites. NEVER give your kitten a worming product labelled for dogs as the consequences could be FATAL.

We recommend your kitten be dewormed at each kitten vaccination visit and every 3 months thereafter. If your kitten has picked up a lot of worms, your vet may recommend additional worming. Adult cool cats should be dewormed every 3 months.

If your kitten or cat turns into a frenzy of claws and teeth when you try to give them a worming tablet, there are many external – Top Spot – dewormers available that can be applied with a minimum of fuss.

We do not recommend you use supermarket bought worming products as these often do not protect your kitten against tapeworm. Our vets and receptionists can advise on the most suitable product for your kitten.

Ticks and Fleas

Ticks can cause biliary in cats and is deadly. Fleas cause skin irritation, spread tapeworm and may lead to anaemia if your kitten has a high infestation. It is essential to protect your kitten from these parasites.

We recommend and stock a variety of registered products, with proven efficacy, both topical and oral, that will meet your kitten’s specific needs.

Safeguard from the Stress of a Missing Cat


With a microchip your kitten will never be lost. A collar and name tag can be lost, and cats can slip out of collars, but an implanted microchip is there to stay. It serves as a permanent identification of your kitten, and is identifiable by any vet practice, SPCA or shelter. No bigger than a grain of rice, the chip is inserted under your kittens’ skin and is easily undertaken at one of your kittens vaccination visits. It is vital, that you as a kitten owner, ensure your contact details are always up to date. Your details can be updated via an App on your phone.

You are what you Eat!

Feeding your kitten

A high quality diet is essential to promote overall health and wellbeing of all kittens and especially important for larger breeds whose calcium and energy needs require careful monitoring to aid with normal bone development.

Promote dental hygiene with healthy chews and get your kitten used to having its mouth gently handled by introducing them to tooth brushing - ensure you always use a veterinary pet toothpaste.

Avoid meat only diets as they may not provide sufficient essential vitamins and minerals. Your cat is far removed from a tiger so avoid feeding raw or cooked bones, no bone is 100% safe. Fragments can become lodged in intestines, creating blockages and perforations can occur, all of which will require surgery to resolve.

We offer scientifically formulated and highly recommended pet feeds that cover a range of dietary needs in delicious flavours. Chat to our receptionists who will advise on the best option for your kittens’ requirements.

To Snip or not to Snip?


Sterilisation can be an essential procedure for your pet for several reasons, but mainly to avoid unwanted litters of kittens, with no homes to go to, this is unfair and preventable.

Cats are fertile and can become pregnant at around 4 months old, so spaying your female cat just before this time will prevent unwanted litters of kittens. Pregnancy and birth are not always easy for cats and C – sections are common. Spaying also reduces the chances of uterus infection, which can be deadly. It is best to neuter males as unneutered cats tend to roam, putting them at risk of getting lost or run over. They also fight, suffering nasty wounds and urine spray to mark their territory.

We recommend sterilising cats from 4 to 6 months of age.

It is a day procedure and requires a general anaesthetic. Your cat will be issued with post - op pain control medication and unless the vet feels there is a medical need for your cat to stay overnight, your cat should be back with you by the early afternoon.

Creature Comforts

Tips for a cuddly kitten:

  • Talk in a quiet gentle voice, don’t shout

  • Handle your kitten very gently and frequently

  • Don’t chase your kitten about the house

  • Make your lap available for sitting

  • Invest in some kitten toys, kittens love to play

  • Use treats as rewards

  • Catnip!

Kitten Parent Peace of Mind

Pet insurance

Kittens like to play, climb up curtains and investigate cupboards and unexpected accidents can occur. Pet cover will give you peace of mind, should an emergency arise, that you will be able to provide your pup with the best medical care.

There are many options available from basic emergency to covering of routine vaccinations and sterilisation. Be sure you choose the appropriate level for your pet and check for exclusions. You will be pleasantly surprised at what is on offer. Miaow!

Suggestions: Medipet, Petsure, One Plan, Kido, Dotsure

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” – James Herriot.