Celebrate your Pet!

Owning a pet is a joy to celebrate! Pets bring so much happiness into our lives with their crazy antics, loveable looks and devotion. During these times of uncertainty one thing, we can be sure of is that our pets are always pleased to see us and happy to hang out with us. How can we not take joy from this?

So, throw a party and get celebrating!

Here are some pawsome pet party ideas to bring wooffles of wags and furtastic fun to celebrate your pet and put their pawprints on your heart forever.

Set the date

You can choose to celebrate your pets adoptversary, birthday or obedience/puppy school graduation. The list is endless.

Imagine how much fun a pet Halloween Pawty would be?

Create the guest list

You need to carefully consider your guest list. Only invite pets your pet has met before - it is their party, such as regulars from park walks, classmates from obedience school or the dogs next door. Only invite pets whose training level, behaviour and personality is known to you. Do not invite any unknown pets or people if you are holding the party in your house, as this may lead to protective behaviour from your pet.

Avert disaster and always apply the – No dogs at a cat party or vice versa - rule!

Choose the venue

Once you have the guest finalised you can decide where to hold your dog’s bash. You will need to take into consideration the number of guests, two and four legged, the weather and safety. Fenced in backyards, if big enough, are great, but you will need to have a backup plan in case it rains. Putting up a gazebo is a good idea for both wet and sunny weather. You could splash out and hire a hall or venue with a large garden, but whichever option you choose you need to ensure that the venue is escape proof.

Decide on the theme

You can let your imagination run wild with table décor - just don’t forget, your dog can clear a table with a tail wag, so ensure there are no breakables. For decorations think paper streamers, personalised banners, garlands of flowers, avoid balloons which can pop and startle furry guests. Don’t forget to set out a wrapped present or two bone shaped treats or coloured bowties for collars, are readily available.

Encourage pet parents to dress their pooch and themselves, to match your theme – Black Tie, Halloween, Christmas, Rock Stars, Celebrities, the list is endless.

!!No pet party is complete without the all-important themed doggy doo - doo bags…..

Draw up the menu

Snacks for all – pets and humans - are essential. For the furry guests, there are many yummy dog treats on the market that are healthy for your pet and look super cute when served on a paper plate. You could also consider baking a pet-cake. There are plenty of dog-safe recipes to be found online using ingredients you may already have in your kitchen.

Don’t forget the human guests. Party themed snacks are great. You can cut sandwiches and cookies into bone shapes, serve miniature hot dogs and trail mix that looks like kibble.


A party without music is like a car without fuel - going nowhere. Create your own playlist of doggy songs or even better head on over to Spotify which has a ‘Dog Party’ playlist and includes canine greats such as; Hungry like the wolf, Who let the dogs out, Diamond Dogs and Puppy Love . All guaranteed to get two and four legged party animals tails wagging.

Plan your party games

What more could you dog love than a bit of fun? Organised fun! Think children’s party games for pups.

  • Set up doggie apple bobbing by placing a load of tennis balls in a basket and adding in a couple of yummy treats for your pets’ furry friends find. Best played one at a time to avoid arguments over treats.

  • Summer weather? Fill a plastic pool up for pets to splosh around in or put on the garden sprinkler for warm weather hijinks. Remember to have a basket of towels handy for drying off furry guests.

  • Put out multiple balls and frisbees for games of fetch. Humans love this!

  • Have a stash of soft toys for Tug of War.

  • Hold a ‘best dressed pet’ competition or a ‘best dressed pet and owner’ competition.

  • Set up a photo booth, complete with props for pet parents to take family photos with their four-legged buddies.

  • Hide and seek the treat. Hide treats under paper cups and see how long it takes for furry guests to find them. Remember, only one dog at a time when playing games involving food treats as confrontations can occur over possession.

It is also important to set an area aside for relaxation after games. Put out plenty of cushions in a shady spot and provide plenty of fresh drinking water.

Make sure pet parents can stay for the entire party to ensure active supervision of their pets. Do not leave a pet party unattended.

Don’t forget the all important ‘Doggy Bags’ as parting gifts for your pets best friends.

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