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Senior Pet Awareness & Health


Don't pay: R 2745.00


Being pro-active with age-related disorders can improve longevity and can give your pet a new lease on life!

Regular health checks become more important in early detection and screening for diseases and age-related conditions, such as arthritis and kidney-disease.  Recognising that our pets are aging also means that we can tailor their diet and environment to suit their changing metabolism and aging joints.

On average, a dog or cat is classed as senior (geriatric) once they reach the age of 7 or 8.  This can vary with breeds and particularly large breed dogs as they generally have a shorter lifespan (approx. 8-10 years) as opposed to their smaller counterparts (approx 12-15 years).


  1. Full Consult and Examination

  2. Blood Smear

  3. Urinalysis

  4. Blood Work

1. Consult: A full physical examination will be performed.  A thorough heart auscultation can help us detect heart murmurs, arrythmias and other pulse deficits that can indicate an underlying problem.  An oral exam helps us to assess the dental health of your pet and make recommendations on how best to give your pet their fresh breath again. Checking for lumps and bumps is also part of the process- a needle aspirate may be indicated as a starting point to diagnosing the cause of lumps found.

2. Blood smear: This is a simple tool that is invaluable in screening for blood parasites, changes in the appearance of red blood cells, and changes in white blood cell and platelet levels.

3. Urinalysis: Examination of your pet’s urine (patient permitting) will enable us to detect changes in urine concentration (which can be a useful first sign of kidney disease), urine protein loss and signs of infection. Where possible, we take a sterile sample with a needle but will make do with a free-catch sample if needed.

Blood work:

4. SDMA: The SDMA test has been a huge advance in early detection of kidney disease in dogs and cat (previously, we often could only detect kidney problems once 75% of their function was compromised).  We can perform this blood test in house.

5. Chem 10 (or pre-anaesthetic profile): This includes 10 tests that can be performed just on one blood sample in house! It checks kidney parameters, liver parameters, a blood glucose and blood protein levels.  While this panel of tests cannot detect all problems, they do guide us in planning the safest anaesthetic possible for your pet and help detect other problems such as diabetes.

6. Packed Cell Volume (PCV): This is a simple test done in house, use as a screening tool for anaemia.


As part of this Senior Special, any dentals recommended during the consultation will be offered at the promotional price of R1500 (excludes extractions) and can be scheduled through reception.


A word on medical work -ups:  This promotion does not apply to patients requiring medical work-ups due to acute illness or injury, only to patients coming for a health check or our elderly patients already being treated for chronic conditions.

Any additional diagnostic tests such as extra blood tests or x-rays advised during the geriatric consult will be at an additional cost.

Ts&Cs Apply

Micro Chipping


Don't pay: R 270.00


We all know the important of Micro chipping by now and Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital is on a mission to get as many pets micro-chipped as we can! That's why we have this on-going special to make micro-chipping your pet as affordable as possible.

Dental Cleaning


Don't pay: R 2454.00


Why should you prioritise planning your pet's dental?

Just like us humans, plaque build-up on dog and cats teeth hardens to tartar which in turn can lead to serious gum disease and pain, abscesses, and tooth loss. It can also result in systemic disease and dental hygiene is just the tip of the iceberg.


We here at Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital, recommend monitoring the level of tartar build up and underlying gum disease, and using preventative measures like adequate dry food diet and regular brushing or water additives to extend the time between dental scaling (ultrasonic cleaning).



At Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital - when you book your pet in for a dental cleaning - you get:

  1. A free dental consultation with Dr Carra Walters for a general health check of your pet before the dental to discuss the extent of the issue and any underlying concerns.

  2. Pre-anaesthetic health check on the day of the procedure

  3. General anaesthetic and monitoring

  4. Teeth Cleaning [Ultrasonic Scaling] and Polish

  5. Post anaesthetic monitoring

  6. A complimentary pedicure and coat brush

  7. Useful tips on maintaining good teeth going forwards.

(This excludes any blood tests that may be recommended by the vet, teeth extractions or additional medication required to be continued at home.)

Clinic Days

Wednesdays : Spay & Neutering

Thursdays : Routine Vaccinations


Take advantage of our clinic days and get discounts on spays, neuters and routine vaccinations with a general check-up.